Books and Documentaries

Education is the Key!

Most of us are misinformed when it comes to nutrition.

Here are the resources to educate yourself!

Don’t you want to know the TRUTH?


These are the Documentaries that really affected us.  These would be great to start with, if you have not seen them (links will take you directly to content):

I also recommend these:

More Documentaries

There are so many!  I would suggest selecting and choosing to watch at your leisure. Many of them are free. Many are also available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The more you learn, the better. 

I will be honest. I have not seen all of these. If you’d like to give a review of any of them, I will start to include people’s comments about them for future reference and try to include a brief description; perhaps a rating of some sort.

Please be warned, some of them can be very disturbing. I would suggest watching the trailers first before you dive in, if you are the sensitive type.