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Here are some of our favorite websites that can help you embrace a Whole Food Plant-Based diet.

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National Health Association

The National Health Association (NHA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet. The Association provides educational materials, educational events, and services to thousands of people around the world.  NHA offers recipes, conferences, plant-based trips, publications, newsletters, podcasts and YouTube videos. Join NHA and enjoy great member benefits!

PlantPure Nation

plant-pure-nation-logoThere’s a really cool thing that happening in communities across the country with PlantPure Nation. With a goal of helping more people in the mainstream to experience the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, PlantPure offers a line of products and services promoting the whole food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle, including a popular line of healthy, delicious, convenient and affordable vegan frozen meals, a dry-food line of vegan meal “starter” packs, cookbooksand a unique plant-based wellness program for individuals, companies and health care providers.

They even have an employer based program.  If you work for a company that you think might be interested, contact them here.

PlantPure Communities

The mission of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (“PPC”) is to engage as many people as possible to build a plant-based world. PPC’s strategy includes two elements:

  • Grassroots Organization
  • Podstream

Brand New Vegan

Chuck Underwood started Brand New Vegan to provide the same healthy, plant-based recipes he used when he first got started so that anyone can eat healthy at home.

He makes it easy by using common ingredients you can find in your grocery store and includes simple instructions that anyone can follow.

Not only are his recipes 100% free, they are often based on our favorite comfort foods, so we’re really not giving up anything…. (except the fat and calories).

Forks Meal Planner

Plant-based meal planning made easy: Take the work out of what to shop, prep, and cook each week with customizable weekly meal plans.

Try Forks Meal Planner free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Forks Over Knives Cooking Course

There’s nothing healthier than meals cooked at home, where you control the ingredients.

In the online Forks Over Knives Cooking Course, you'll learn how to create delicious, plant-based and oil-free meals right in your own kitchen.

Fat Free Vegan

At Fat Free Vegan, you'll find lots of great, member-contributed, vegan recipes that are all low in fat.  The rule is no added oil or margarine, so if you have an original vegan recipe that meets those criteria, you can share it with others.

Happy Herbivore

Happy Herbivore is a wonderful resource. Lindsay Nixon has written several cookbooks with many recipes that are not only easy, but use common ingredients. Check out her Youtube Videos and her meal planning system that provides you with weekly meal plans, recipes and grocery lists.  Meal Mentor

She also has a weight loss program: Supreme Slimdown

Chef AJ

Chef AJ is the host of 'Chef AJ Live' on YouTube and 'Healthy Living with Chef AJ' on Foody TV, as well as a Food Addiction & Weight Loss Expert, the author of Unprocessed and The Secrets To Ultimate Weight Loss, and the co-author of Own Your Health with Glen Merzer.


Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center

A physician and nutrition expert who teaches better health through vegetarian cuisine, John A. McDougall, MD has been studying, writing, and speaking out about the effects of nutrition on disease for over 50 years. features lots of information, resources and programs on nutrition and health.


Swich helps you develop cooking skills tailored to your individual health goals, skill level, and food preferences.

100% online, 100% plant-based, 100% free.

The Rouxbe Cooking School -- the world’s leading online cooking school -- started Swich to inspire a global health movement and teach the world how to cook with confidence.

Thrive Market

Healthy living made easy...

At, you can save up to 50% on the world’s highest quality, healthy & sustainable brands—delivered to your door.


MamaSezz is a whole food plant-based meal delivery company located in the U.S.

They make it easier for you by delivering fresh, ready to eat whole food plant-based meals right to your door.

Enjoy the benefits of Plant-Based Meals without Cooking at


  • Organic, No-GMO & Responsibly Sourced
  • Vegan, Oil-Free, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar-Free, No Preservatives
  • Made Fresh to Order - Never Frozen
  • Ready to Heat & Eat - No Chopping
  • Salt-Free & Soy-Free Options


The Cleanest, Most Nutrient-Dense Meal Imaginable!

This is a great plant-based meal with tons of superfoods! What a great item to have on hand for those busy days. Great for travel, too! Just add water and shake or blend!

Order your Ka'Chava here


Delicious Whole Food Plant-Based Meals in an Instant
Get All the Benefits Without the Work!
See all the meals at


  • Complete & Nutritionally Balanced: All meals have leading edge nutrition science
  • Amazing Flavors: Made by expert chefs to taste great
  • Ready in Seconds! Just add water, no shopping, fridge, or cooking required
  • No Refrigeration Needed: Goes with you anywhere


Introducing the World's First Whole-Food Bean Bar

Learn more at

You can use the coupon code “Mercia” for the opportunity to try 3 flavors for $9.99 or “Mercia10” for 10% off your order.


  • Nuts & Seeds: Crafted with organic cashews, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, & peanut butter, WellBean provides you with heart-healthy whole-food fats.

  • Beans: Loaded with fiber and resistant starch, nutrient-rich legumes are the primary ingredient in each WellBean, providing you with half a serving of beans.

  • Fruit: Dates, plums, figs, and raisins, naturally infused with beneficial antioxidants, add up to half a serving of high-nutrient fruit in every WellBean bar.

Plant Based Nutrition Support

Plant Based Nutrition Support Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to evidence-based education and advocacy of plant-based whole food nutrition and an active lifestyle to prevent and reverse disease!


Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute addresses the root causes of these lifestyle-based diseases and doesn’t just treat the symptoms. We are dedicated to educating individuals about the power of a whole food plant-based diet and its proven ability to heal the body from within.

With our evidence based 15-Day Jumpstart Program you can lose weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, sleep better and feel great in just 2 weeks!

Plant Based TeleHealth

Plant Based TeleHealth

Lifestyle Telemedicine Appointments

Making Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine available to everyone.

Lifestyle medicine is the evidence-based practice of promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyle modification. By adopting behaviors such as a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet, exercise, stress reduction, improved quality of sleep, tobacco cessation, and maintaining a healthy weight, individuals can expect improvement and, in many cases, reversal of chronic disease.

With telemedicine, you can have an appointment with a lifestyle medicine doctor from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more and schedule an appointment at

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When you embrace a Whole Food Plant-Based diet, you open the door to a wide range of foods and ingredients.  We've put together some recommendations for nutritious, great-tasting food you can order online.