Success Stories

If you have been on this WFPB (Whole Food Plant-Based) lifestyle for awhile and would like for us to feature your Success Story, please let us know. If you are just starting out on this lifestyle, be sure and start a journal. Take pictures and note your current weight, lab work (it’s always a good idea to obtain copies for your own records) and any medical conditions or symptoms that you’re dealing with. Keep up on your journey with pictures, additional labs, your experiences and and let us know if you’d like to tell your story here! Here’s to YOUR success and may you be an inspiration to others like these people are!

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Von McGill

Diabetes wouldn't define her

Esther Loveridge

Age doesn't matter!

Samantha Otero

Seeking health and harmony

Sherry Shrallow

Major heart issues to becoming a Healthy Author

Céline Roy

Childhood obesity to losing 32 lbs in 6 months, she's well on her way!

Shannon Farrell

Lupus, rosacea, chronic pain, depression, and everything has turned around

Quentilla Alton

Digestive issues, arthritis, high blood pressure, debilitating headaches, all gone with changing to a plant-based lifestyle

Jeff T.

Restaurant owner and chef lost severe edema and 163 pounds

Kim McMahon

Cancer survivor attributes her success to a Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle

Karl Sili

Heart issues started Karl and his wife, Heidi, on this path and they are grateful

Nina de Jesus Castillo

Resolving genetic predispositions with a Whole Food Plant-Based diet

Richard Hubbard

Building muscle, as well as losing weight and getting healthy